“The Extraordinary Side of Design”

“The Extraordinary Side of Design” to celebrate the company 30° Anniversary.

Fascinating and original pictures to represent the most recent work collection.

Cesena Winery

A new touch, a new flavour….The Cesena Winery grows and renovates itself thanks to the collaboration between the Arch. Carlotta Berti, Studio Architecnica and Steel Pool Cantieri.

The new store is characterized by modern glass facades mixed with corten metal cladding with customized perforation design, apllied also on the existing walls.

A design that emphatizes the strenght connection between the Winery and the territory wine vocation, a relationship that last since 80 years ago…



One more time victorius, 88-84 in the last home game against Rieti, our favourite team “Pallacanestro 2.015 Forlì” confirm itself as the top of the list. From teel Pool Cantieri – Tecomet – Proud to give their support to the team.









It was a real honor to see the Minister Marianna Madia down the staircase – made with a perforated metal veil by Steel Pool Cantieri, as part of the redevelopment and renovation of the prestigious Sala Miceti in Imola, the new uni fi ed space for the of “Service for the Citizen”.

The presence of the high office of the State, together with the participation of the First Citizen Daniele Manca and of the Assessore Annalia Guglielmi are, in fact, the testimony of the important work carried out by the architect of Alba Progetti, Stefania Campomori, in the work of redevelopment which affected the entire building. Given its importance, the redevelopment involved highly professional companies such as Consorzio Opera di Imola which carried out the construction work inside and Steel Pool Cantieri, which carried out the restyling of the external structure obtained through the creation of metal portals, light and imposing that give order and enhance the structures through the use of different types of metal coatings that, in the common thread conductor of the restructuring, give lightness and harmony.

The new Miceti room is therefore presented as a volume characterized by a single large room covered by a vault that goes from three meters of the tax, up to 5.5 meters of the intrados. The metal structure that supports the roof, characterizes the large hall and marks the perimeter walls and the vault, according to regular intervals of 5 meters. Such a structured space required the overcoming of any traditional distribution scheme, to enhance the most marked traits. Hence, the choice of architect Campomori and shared with the client, to use metal roofing and cladding, with a very contemporary design: futuristic lines that recall the new areas of the great capitals of Europe and the world that give a strong character of modernity , while harmoniously dialoguing with the architecture and the surrounding urban style.