“If we mean the envelope as the” skin “of the building that protects the interior from atmospheric agents but at the same time exploits its power in a functional way, then we can think of creating a controllable protected space. In this case external environmental conditions become a resource and not a force to be struggled against, while the envelope is a “reactive skin” that enhances internal wellbeing and evokes many possibilities for change. ”

Thomas Herzog

Metal Shells

Aluminum cover, tiles technology Prefa, Varignana

The use of the term metal shell referring to the building is quite recent and was born as an evolution of the concept of closure, which identified, as distinct units, the external cladding (horizontal, vertical, opaque, transparent, etc.). In constructing the building envelope, which identifies the entire external closing system, it is divided into different functional and material layers and is increasingly investigated in its relations with the structural and plant systems.

The building envelope in the research and technological-architectural experimentation process evolved from a protective barrier element to a complex filter system capable of optimizing interactions between external and internal microenvironment.

The building envelope has increasingly become a dynamic border area, able to vary its performance to changing external environmental situations and the needs of those who live in the internal environment and able to host various plant devices.

The growing interest in environmental issues has meant that the building envelope was no longer considered only as the separating element between interior and exterior, but as a dynamic interface in continuous and active interaction with external climatic factors, for example in phases design, construction and management of a green building.

The efficiency of the envelope is given by the ability to react flexibly to the variability of environmental conditions, minimizing heat loss in the winter and limiting the increase in temperature in the summer, with the resulting improvement of living comfort and environmental quality, obtained without using non-renewable energy sources.

Architecture Facades

Titanium zinc façade with vertical seam lock technique, Lebanon

The elements that participate in the definition of the current architectural panorama are many. The technical-structural evolution of claddings is one of the most important element that influences the architectural design.

We use materials that were not thought to be able to be used in architecture suited to new aesthetic and environmental needs.

The innovations, the best calculation techniques through software, and support the most daring project hypotheses. We are involved in the design and production of systems for the construction of wall claddings, increasingly conceived as a film.

These are materials, copper, zinc-titaniumaluminum and other alloys processed according to precise construction techniques and designed to specify sealing, thermal and aesthetic objectives.

Tetti Verdi

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  • To valorize the urban areas turning them in ecologic areas
  • To create new spaces to work and live
  • Excellent acoustic insulation
  • Optimum thermal insulation
  • To live in healthier habitat
  • To save energy with a natural conditioning system
  • To breath clean
  • To retain water preventing floods

The green roofs act as natural thermo regulators, thankful to their composition, assuring a thermal excursion limited within only 30 degrees between winter and summer (compared to 100° of a traditional roof), giving also a very well sound insulation.

Those properties have to be added to the natural and basilar functions of the green vegetation: to absorb the carbon dioxide (CO2), to reduce the air powders and the pollution, giving back fresh air rich of oxygen.

Sloped System_to adapt at all the situations, also with important slope
Intensive_to create new living spaces, healthier and more comfortable, increasing your wellness
Estensive_the best choice to obtain all the benefits of the green areas with a small effort for the maintenance